20 Years – 20 Good Reasons for vhb

There are (at least!) 20 good reasons for vhb, because ...

1. ... we are a network of 12 universities, 19 universities of applied sciences and one University of Music in Bavaria

2. … we, the vhb, are Bavaria's virtual campus

3. ... digital teaching takes place in cooperation between universities and universities of applied sciences

4. ... the courses are developed by Bavarian professors

5. … innovative and proven teaching methods are implemented

6. … digital courses are financed efficiently and demand-oriented

7. ... we are an up to date supplement and complement of on-campus study

8. ... we offer a repository with learning units for flexible use in blended learning formats

9. … our courses are quality-proven

10. … with the vhb, we offer students more flexibility in terms of location and time

11. … our students can customize their studies

12. … credit points (ECTS)  can be acquired at one university and recognized at another

13. … all online courses and learning units are free of charge for students at our universities

14. ... we rely on interaction and communication

15. … the online courses are supervised by trained e-tutors

16. … digitally acquiring skills always means acquiring digital skills

17. … with our OPEN vhb courses we offer university knowledge to all interested individuals

18. … OPEN vhb courses are free of charge for anyone interested

19. … we have set up a Bavaria-wide single sign-on system

20. … it's just fun!