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Transferring credits

BVU students can sit examinations for their courses, which is the basis for earning credits.

If students wish BVU courses to be accredited towards their study programme, they are requested to inform themselves about the modalities and requirements of existing credit transfer procedures before taking the course. Students should contact the appropriate examination authority (Prüfungsamt, Studiengangsbeauftragte) at their university to discuss credit transfer procedures and, specifically, the online course(s) they intend to take.

BVU funding for the development of a course can only be obtained if the course is recognised by (that is, credits are transferable to) at least two member universities.

As faculty or staff of our member and partner universities, you are in a position to facilitate increased flexibility for students from your university in structuring their studies by recognising coursework from BVU courses as transfer credits.

We would be pleased if you presented online teaching to your students as a meaningful complement to and extension of their 'normal' university studies.

If you consider introducing a BVU course at your university or seek to initiate a partnership with the BVU and wish to check existing courses more closely for this purpose, we would be pleased to open a guest account for you to access BVU courses. Please send us an e-mail indicating the desired course(s) and your position and university address.