General Public: OPEN vhb

Online – open – free of charge – flexible – for everyone: Our open courses.

Do you want to acquire new knowledge regardless of time and place, and expand your horizon? Are you looking for further education free of charge in online courses from Bavarian universities? OPEN vhb is just the thing for you!

With OPEN vhb, Bavarian universities open themselves up to the public. Professors from our member universities have developed online courses especially for OPEN vhb. All OPEN vhb courses are available for anyone who is interested. In contrast to our CLASSIC vhb courses you neither have to be enrolled as a student at a university, nor do you need to have a university entrance qualification. The best thing about it is that OPEN vhb courses are offered for free.

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Please note:

  • An overview of all OPEN vhb courses currently in development can be found here: OPEN vhb courses in development
  • OPEN vhb courses are non-curricular, open courses offered by Bavarian universities and universities of applied sciences. They are not designed to be credited to degree programmes. Transfer credits (ECTS) cannot be achieved in OPEN vhb courses. There is no support by online tutors.
  • OPEN vhb courses are free of charge for all interested parties. CLASSIC vhb courses, on the other hand, can only be used free of charge by students of our member universities.
  • Registration is required for the use of OPEN vhb courses, even if you have already signed up for CLASSIC vhb.