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CLASSIC vhb – Acquire ECTS credits for your studies

We connect your studies on campus with online courses that can be studied from anywhere. No matter if you are on the train, in the library or at home, CLASSIC vhb courses can be used in any place. Lecturers from 33 universities in Bavaria develop and conduct courses, which are available free of charge to all students from our member universities – no matter what course of study. Other people who are interested may participate in our courses for a fee. Support by online tutors is provided for every CLASSIC vhb course.
The best thing about it is that ECTS credits can be earned with CLASSIC vhb. This allows vhb courses to be flexibly integrated into your studies. Ask your university about which courses can be credited to your degree. For detailed information about approval let the student advisory service or examination office help you to find the right contact person at your university.

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English Courses

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CLASSIC vhb courses

OPEN vhb – Open online courses for everyone

Do you want to acquire knowledge independently of your studies? Our OPEN vhb courses will enable you to deal with issues you might have always wanted to know more about, such as: how does online marketing work? What is the discussion on plant protection all about? Or: how can you learn to relax in your everyday life? Take a look at OPEN vhb! Here you’ll find courses at university level – free of charge and available to anyone interested. However, please note that these courses are not intended to be accredited towards your course of study.

OPEN vhb courses