Enrolling and Registering

An initial registration is required to use the CLASSIC vhb portal. Please only enrol (neu registrieren) at the BVU, if you have never enrolled with us before. If you already have a BVU account, then you must only register for subsequent semesters (confirm your student status or reconfirm our AGB if you are an “Other user”). An exception to this is if you have transferred to another university; if you transfer to another university, please create a new account (neu registrieren) at the BVU that reflects your new affiliation.  If you have forgotten your user name and/or password for the Login to the CLASSIC vhb portal, you can use the User ID reconstruction service.

If you have not previously enrolled at the BVU and you would like to, please select the link “Neu registrieren” in the upper yellow line of our website at https://kurse.vhb.org. The system guides you through the registration process.

It is important to select the correct status when you are completing the enrolment form.

If you are regular student at one of the BVU’s member universities according to Art. 87, Para 1, Li 1 BayHIG, then in the area “Registrierung mit Shibboleth (Hochschulkennung)” you should select your university from the dropdown menu. It is also possible to enter search terms in the selection field. Then click on Login for electronic authentication electronic authentication.

On the following page you will have to create your own password and you will select a personal question/answer combination for the user ID reconstruction, in case you forget your user name or password in the future for the login to the CLASSIC vhb portal.

You will receive a confirmation e-mail with your User ID immediately after you submit your enrolment form.

Special information for individuals who are not regular students of a BVU member university according to Art. 87, Para 1, Li 1 BayHIG:

You can also participate in BVU courses. Such “Other users” must pay fees to participate in BVU courses. In order to participate in any of our courses, you must enrol with the status “other individual” (participation subject to payment). To do this, click on the link "neu registrieren" in the upper yellow line of our website at kurse.vhb.org. Then in the area “Sonstige Nutzende” select the button “andere Person" and fill out the registration form. At the end of the registration process, you will be taken to a print version of the registration form. Sign it and send it to the vhb by e-mail or post.

Please read the section with special information for taking courses of BVU for a free for free.

As all BVU member universities are connected to the BVU with an interface for electronic authentication, student authorisation is provided exclusively by means of electronic authentication.

You will be connected to your university’s authentication website (Web-Login), so you can electronically authenticate your student status.

On this authentication website, you will need a valid Shibboleth-ID (usually this is your ID for your accounts on campus) for your university.

Electronic authentication is only possible for the current semester.

If your account is deactivated (even if it is only temporary), you may lose your place in courses you have registered for. When an account is blocked, the BVU updates the course participant lists to reflect only participants who have registered for the course and have authenticated their status. Maintaining the course participant lists in this manner ensures that the maximum number of eligible participants can take a particular course. If your account is deactivated, it may well occur that you lose your place in courses for the entire semester, even if you were successfully registered for the courses initially.
Coursework or examinations may not be evaluated if you have not authenticated your status, i.e., you will receive no marks or credits.
If your account has been deactivated, you can read in these FAQs how you can authenticate your status after your account has been deactivated.

Students at all our member universities can enrol or register for a subsequent semester completely online (without paper authentication):   
Universities of applied sciences
•    Amberg-Weiden (THO)
•    Ansbach
•    Aschaffenburg (TH)
•    Augsburg
•    Coburg
•    Deggendorf (TH)
•    Hof
•    Ingolstadt (TH)
•    Kempten
•    Landshut
•    München
•    Neu-Ulm
•    Nürnberg (TH GSO)
•    Regensburg (THO)
•    Rosenheim (TH)
•    Weihenstephan-Triesdorf
•    Würzburg-Schweinfurt
•    Augsburg
•    Bamberg
•    Bayreuth
•    Erlangen-Nürnberg (FAU)
•    München (LMU)
•    München (TU)
•    Passau
•    Regensburg
•    Würzburg
•    Hochschule für Philosophie München (HfPh)
Other institutions of higher education
•    Evangelische Hochschule Nürnberg
•    Hochschule für Musik Nürnberg (HfM)
•    Katholische Stiftungsfachhochschule München
•    Kath. Universität Eichstätt-Ingolstadt
•    Universität der Bundeswehr München

All Institutions offer authentication using Shibboleth (DFN-AAI).

To enrol online, you need your matriculation number from your university and also your student user ID for the intranet/Shib.


The e-mail should be sent immediately after you submit your online enrolment form.
However, we are aware that the following problems with e-mail delivery have been known to arise from time-to-time; these problems are not under the BVU’s control or influence:
Due to the large number of e-mails to and from the BVU, it has happened that the BVU has been categorized as a spammer (often by freemail providers such as gmx.de or web.de). Our e-mails are then diverted into your spam folder. Please check for "vhb Registrierung" e-mails in your spam folder not only in your Mailapplication (on mobile device or computer) but also in the browser on the webmail-frontend of your mail-provider (e.g. gmx.net , web.de , mail.google.com , outlook.live.com ).

If your e-mail provider uses greylisting, then you may experience a delay of about 1 hour before your e-mail from the BVU is delivered. Greylisting reduces spam by permitting an e-mail through the server only after the sender has made a second attempt at sending the e-mail, because spam mail is only ever sent once.

Enrolment is valid for the semester that is stated in the enrolment form unless there is a change in your student status.The BVU Summer Semester is from 15 March - 30 September, Winter Semester is from 01 October - 14 March each year.
In order to continue participating in courses at the BVU, you must register each semester. It is not possible nor permitted to double-enrol at the BVU. (The exception to this point is if you transfer to a new university.)

Special information for “Other users” registered at the BVU, that is, individuals who are not full-time, regular students at BVU member universities:
After you have submitted your completed enrolment forms and supporting documents, you will only be required to complete an online registration in subsequent semesters.

You can retrieve an enrolment form associated with any current enrolment data record and print it at any time.

After logging in at www.vhb.org, you will see your “personal desktop”. In the header, click on “Mein Account”. In the menu that appears, you will see “Registrierungsantrag” as the first item. Clicking on “Registrierugsantrag” will connect you to a link under which you can view and print out your enrolment form at any time.


Simply enrolling at the BVU does not imply any obligations. However, registering for a course or courses does. Please read what obligations and/or implications for your degree programme are associated with registering for courses in our FAQs.


Once you have been enrolled at the BVU, you cannot enrol again, generally. On the other hand, you must register each semester, if you wish to remain enrolled. Your user ID remains the same. So-called ‘double-enrolment’ at the BVU is not permitted or possible. (The exception to this is if you transfer to a new university).
However, if you have only completed your online enrolment and have made no additional transactions via the BVU, it is possible to delete your data record at the BVU. In such a case, then there is no impediment to a new enrolment at the BVU. For questions about this situation, please contact the BVU’s student records office.

Your data record is automatically deleted, if you have never registered for a course or courses with an authenticated account and have been inactive on the BVU site for at least one semester.

If you forget your user name or password, the BVU has a user ID reconstruction service. You can find a link to the reconstruction service at kurse.vhb.org, under the header “Login”.
Forgotten user name “Zugangsdaten vergessen?”

You may request that an e-mail with your user name be resent to you at any time to the e-mail address you provided in your enrolment form. Under the Login header in the yellow area of the BVU website, click on the question “Forgot your user ID?” and use the form there to request your user name.   
Forgotten password 

You selected a personal question/answer combination in the enrolment form, in case you forgot your password. After entering your user name, you will be connected to a form to request your password. On this form, your personal question will be asked. If you enter the “answer” you provided in your enrolment form, then a temporary password will appear on your screen.  This temporary password is only valid for one login. You must change your password for the account, when you login with the temporary password.   
Please note: The answer to your personal question is case sensitive. You must enter the answer exactly as you provided it in your enrolment form. Special characters, such as umlauts, cannot be used and all dates must be entered as originally submitted, e.g. DD.MM.YYYY or DDMMYY or DDMMYYYY…

After logging in on www.vhb.org, you will see your “personal desktop”. In the header, please click on “Mein Account” and you will see “persönliche Daten” as one of the items in the menu. You can change some of your personal information there (e.g., address, telephone number, e-mail address).
Some information (e.g., name changes due to marriage, matriculation numbers, degree programme) can only be changed by the Studieredenkanzlei (student records office). When these types of change occur, please contact the BVU (e.g. by including a comment on your enrolment or semester-registration form) and attach a current confirmation of enrolment from your university, on which the changes you are submitting are demonstrated/attested.
If you transfer to a different university during your studies, you will be required to enrol at the BVU with the new affiliation.

The BVU switches on 01 October to the Winter Semester and on 15 March to the Summer Semester each year.

Authentication (confirmation of student status) is required for registration each semester – as it was for enrolment. If you have not yet authenticated for the semester, you will receive a warning each time you login and will be led through the authentication process by the system. Unless you already have an open Shibboleth session, have your university ID ready to log in to your university's identity provider (IdP).

All BVU member universities have an interface for electronic authentication, so that you can electronically verify your student status using your university ID.
Special information for individuals who are not full-time, regular students of a BVU member university according to Art. 42, Para 2, Li 2 BayHSchG:

After you’ve successfully submitted your complete enrolment documentation, you must only complete an online registration for each subsequent semester.

If your BVU account has been deactivated due to failure to meet the deadline for authentication for enrolment or registration for a semester, you can reactivate your account by authenticating at any time during the semester.
As all universities are connected with BVU via an interface for electronic authentication, the authentification only can be done electronically.
If you have not yet authenticated, you will see a warning message that you have not yet authenticated (confirmed your student status) every time you login to the BVU site and will be led through the process by the system.

Your user ID that you received when you enrolled will remain the same after authentication or after registering for a new semester.
If you forget your user name or password, it is easy to reconstruct your user ID online.

If you did not immediately authenticate your account during the online enrolment, your account will show the status “open” for 20 days. During this time, you may use the BVU site with only a few restrictions (for example, you may not register to sit an examination before you have authenticated your account).
Each time you login to the BVU-portal you will see a notification that your status is “incomplete”. You can submit your proof of eligibility at any time by using the link in the notification or directly through the “Mein Account” menu, to update your status for the semester.
As all universities are connected with BVU via an interface for electronic authentication, the authentification only can be done electronically.

If your account is already deactivated because either you’ve failed to authentificate for the semester or you have not yet mailed your enrolment form (other person), you can still access the BVU portal and view the information on your personal desktop.
However, you may not register for any courses or examinations and you may not drop any courses or withdraw from examinations until you have completed the process of registering for the semester. Each time you login to the BVU portal you will see a notification that your status is “incomplete”. You can submit your proof of eligibility at any time by using the link in the notification or directly through the “Mein Account” menu, to update your status for the semester.
As all universities are connected with BVU via an interface for electronic authentication, the authentification only can be done electronically.

When you register online, you may choose to use a secure transmission channel (register via SSL) or to send your information via the internet. More information on this subject is available in the FAQs under the header “Technik”.
Your user ID is protected from fraudulent use by the following measures:

  •     You select your BVU password yourself (via a secure transmission channel, if you prefer).
  •     You receive your user name via e-mail immediately after submitting the registration. Your password is not included in the e-mail.

However, security is always subjective. Many aspects of security depend on how you use the security measures provided and how you treat sensitive information.

Never share your user ID (your user name and password) with others.

Yes there is. In several PDF documents, we have visualized all the necessary steps for you: 
How to enrol and how to authenticate your status as a student, how to register for a course and how to access the course.

How to register for CLASSIC vhb

How to search for a CLASSIC vhb course

How to enrol for a CLASSIC vhb course

After you’ve finished your studies at university, you may continue to participate in CLASSIC vhb courses for a fee. Please read the information for “other users” in these FAQs.

OPEN vhb 
In addition to the CLASSIC vhb program, which is primarily developed for the students of our member universities, the vhb also offers open courses (OPEN vhb). OPEN vhb courses make university knowledge freely accessible to the interested public. To use OPEN vhb courses, you do not need to be enrolled at a university, nor do you need a university entrance certificate.