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CLASSIC vhb – Acquire ECTS credits for your studies

All CLASSIC vhb courses are meant for students. You can acquire ECTS credits and flexibly integrate our courses into your studies. For more information, see Exams and recognition.

The course descriptions provide all necessary information. After logging in, you can book the course during the specified registration period.

Have you not completed the authentication process yet? In this case, you will need to go through the process when you access the course for the first time.

OPEN vhb – Open online courses for everyone

All OPEN vhb courses are available to anyone who may be interested. The learning material is at university level and there are no time constraints or costs. OPEN vhb courses are non-curricular, open courses offered by Bavarian universities and universities of applied sciences. They are not designed to be credited to degree programmes. Transfer credits (ECTS) cannot be achieved in OPEN vhb courses. There is no support by online tutors.