Exams and recognition

Complete your courses with a record of achievement or a participation certificate.

CLASSIC vhb – Acquire ECTS credits for your studies

CLASSIC vhb courses can be completed with a record of achievement or a participation certificate. In many cases, you will be required to appear at the university that is offering the course in order to take the exam. For more information, see the course description.

If you want to make sure that the examination of your chosen course will be accredited to your degree programme please get in contact with the examination office at your university before you sign up for a course. They will help you find the responsible person deciding on accreditation.

Users who are not studying at one of our member universities can participate in our courses as “other users”. Please coordinate taking the exam or (if relevant) the specific certification of the course with the support staff of the course before signing up for it. Contact information can be found in the course description.

Please note that our courses are primarily offered in German. English courses can be found here:

English Courses


OPEN vhb – Open online courses for everyone

There are no examinations to be attained in OPEN vhb courses.