You would like to develop or provide an online course or online teaching materials? Would you like to have a large pool of high-quality online materials for your teaching? You've come to the right place!

Interuniversity online lectures for all students in Bavaria? Free online courses from Bavarian universities accessible for everyone? Flexible learning modules for blended learning? A platform for open educational resources (OER)? vhb offers all of this.

As a network of Bavarian universities, universities of applied sciences and one university of music, vhb is a partner in the development and operation of online lectures. We promote interuniversity online teaching in Bavaria for you and with you.

We support the development of CLASSIC vhb courses embedded in the curriculum and SMART vhb learning units that can be flexibly integrated into classroom teaching for use across all our 33 member universities. We also make knowledge from the universities freely accessible to everyone by promoting and funding our OPEN vhb courses. In addition, we offer Bavarian universities the opportunity to provide open educational resources (OER) in our repository.

As it is time-consuming to conduct high-quality online courses and keep them up-to-date, vhb offers even more: it funds tutorial support in CLASSIC vhb courses as well as the revision of existing CLASSIC vhb and OPEN vhb courses.

High-quality online courses developed outside of the funding framework of vhb can be included in the CLASSIC vhb course programme upon application and thus made available for use by all students in the network.

In the field of OER, it is possible to offer various teaching/learning materials which were produced at our member universities in our repository or to use OER that are provided there.