Do you want to develop an online lecture? You have come to the right place!

Interuniversity lectures for all students in Bavaria? Free Online courses from  Bavarian universities accessible for everyone? Learning modules to be used flexibly for blended learning? vhb offers all of this.

As a network of the universities and universities of applied sciences in Bavaria, vhb is a partner in the development and operation of online lectures. For you and together with you we promote and fund online lectures for use across all universities in the vhb network.

We support the development and operation of online courses embedded in the curriculum (CLASSIC vhb) and open courses (OPEN vhb) alike. If it works on a large scale, it will work on a small scale as well. Therefore, with our funding programme SMART vhb we also support the development of online learning units with a workload of 45 minutes for use in a blended learning environment. We provide also the repository for the online units.