Our Courses: CLASSIC vhb and OPEN vhb

Development of online lectures

We fund both the development of online lectures, which are part of degree programmes of our member universities, and the development of open online courses. Course versions integrated into set curricula and open courses can be developed side by side.


CLASSIC vhb – ECTS credits for degree programmes

Our CLASSIC vhb courses are targeted mainly at students of our member universities. The courses are integrated into degree programmes and intended for use across all our member universities. At those institutions where the courses are integrated into degree programmes as required course or required elective course, students can transfer the acquired ECTS credits, no matter if the course providing institution is their home university or not.


OPEN vhb – Open online courses for everyone

With our OPEN vhb courses, we open the gates to Bavarian university lectures for new target groups interested in academic content, in particular, for those outside of the higher education environment. The courses are not integrated into any curriculum and available free of charge to everyone.