SMART vhb: Blended learning

You would like to enhance your face-to-face lectures with online content? You have ideas for digital learning units and want to share them with others? We provide you, on the one hand, with a collection of digital learning units and on the other hand support you in developing and implementing your own.

With SMART vhb, we want to promote blended learning. We therefore fund and support the development of 45-minute online learning units at our member universities. The learning units are designed for flexible use in blended learning lectures. They can comprise diverse instructional material such as exercises, videos, text elements, or simulations related to a given topic. They are available for use across our member universities in a common repository

If you are an instructor or a student from one of our member universities you can use the units. You can access the repository using your individual university ID via Shibboleth authentication. In the login area, after selecting the home university, click on the button “Zur Heimateinrichtung” (= To the home institution) to get to the login input mask for the repository.

Further information about using and developing online learning units, funding rounds and an overview of available learning units can be found on our Website in German or contact us