SMART vhb: Blended learning

Do you have smart ideas for blended learning units that could be helpful for other teachers as well? We would like to support you in developing these.

With SMART vhb we established a repository for online learning units that can be flexibly integrated into classroom teaching. The scheme encompasses the funding of learning units, as well as the subsequent use across all higher education institutions in our network. Lecturers of our member universities can use a shared pool of learning units to include in their classroom teaching. We provide funding to our member universities for the development of new learning units and for the amendment of existing material within annual funding rounds.

Minimum standards for the learning units have been determined in order to ensure their flexible use in different learning scenarios. The learning units with a scope of 45 minutes can be combined with classroom teaching. They are determined by learning objectives, which are communicated at the beginning of each unit. The students can review whether they succeeded to reach the learning objectives with online assessments. The combination of different learning materials, such as videos, text elements or simulations, ensures a varied presentation of the subject matter.

Transfer of rights

As a network we fund the development of learning units for our member universities. Therefore the authors of the learning units need to grant us rights for use. If you receive funding for learning units which will newly be developed you will have to grant us the exclusive right of use. However, you can also contribute existing materials to a learning unit. In this case we need the non-exclusive right of use.



As a repository for the learning units we use edu-sharing, an open source educational infrastructure. It permits shared depositing and use of learning materials as well as the development of your own collections. Lecturers of our member universities get access to the system to view the content and are able to integrate them into their own lectures by linking to them. Learning units will be available from autumn 2019.


Dr. Holger Kächelein

Dr. Holger Kächelein


Daniela Günther

Daniela Günther


The contact person at your university for future funding rounds is the vhb representative.