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Development and improvement of courses

The Bavarian Virtual University (BVU), established in 2000, is not an independent university but a network of Bavarian universities. The BVU promotes and coordinates the development, the implementation and modification of online courses. These online courses are made available to students via the BVU website.

Developing online courses

First of all, member universities approach the BVU by enouncing their need for a certain online course. The decision about funding is made by the steering committee upon the recommendation of the programme committee. The professor responsible for the project in question is in charge of the development of the course and its subsequent implementation, support and supervision.

Improving online courses

Irrespective of tendering, providers of BVU courses may submit applications for funding by the BVU in order to improve their courses. In this case, please contact the project management staff.

Allocation of tasks

  • Tasks of the member universities: responsibility for projects
  • Tasks of the BVU: funding and project support