About us

Lecturing33: Increasing exchange through digitisation.

Lecturing means sharing knowledge. Virtuelle Hochschule Bayern (vhb), as a network of 33 universities in Bavaria, takes this one step further. Since 2000, we have pursued the idea of sharing and linking digital teaching. We fund, promote and support the development of digital learning units and specifically support exchange and usage on an interuniversity basis. All courses are developed by professors of our member universities and can be used across our member universities. 

ECTS credits which are aimed to be credited to degree programmes can be acquired in CLASSIC vhb courses. These courses are available free of charge for all students at our member universities.

With OPEN vhb, we enable many other interested people to take a look into the virtual shop window of university lectures in Bavaria and to acquire knowledge at a university level. The courses can be utilised by everyone. You do not need to be enrolled at a university.

SMART vhb are our blended learning units. The online learning units can be flexibly integrated into classroom teaching and are designed for use across our member universities.

Youtube Video

When you start the video, content from YouTube will be loaded, thereby transferring e.g. your IP address to YouTube.