Quality management

Do you want to know how we ensure high quality in our online courses?

The quality of our online courses is ensured by a continuous multi-stage process. It encompasses all phases – from the design of a new course, to its development and operation. The goal is to give our lecturers the best possible support and to ensure the quality of content and  technology.


Design phase

At least two of our member universities have to cooperate designing a new course, specifying the learning objectives, contents and realization. This is a prerequisite for the application for funding. The submitted applications will be reviewed by our programme committee before the funding decision is made by the executive committee.


Development phase

During the phase of development, there will be three project meetings with the developers of the course and the contacts from the other universities involved, as well as our project manager. The realization of the milestones defined in advance and the current state of the project will be discussed. After completion the online courses need to be approved by the person responsible for the study programme to which the course ought to be credited and the alike contacts and partners of the universities involved.


Phase of operation

While in operation, the quality of the online courses is ensured by standardised participant evaluations at the end of the semester (CLASSIC vhb), or through open feedback of the users (OPEN vhb). We also periodically have all courses assessed by experts from outside of Bavaria in terms of content and didactics as well as in terms of the use of media in instructional design and the technological implementation. The results of the evaluations are aimed to support you in the further development of your online courses and to ensure their quality during the entire period of operation. You can apply for funding if you are planning comprehensive update measures for your online course.

Our project management team will advise and support you through all phases. As an employee of our member universities, you may also participate in our training for development and support of online courses, as well as in our themed workshops.

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